Numeric Competition Shifter (986/987/996/997)


High precision competition shifter made from aerospace grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware and precision ball bearings on every rotating axis.  It has an adjustable shift lever that gives you three throw options, and adjustable cable mounting blocks for easy install.

100% compatible with the stock interior console. This part installs in less than an hour by experienced mechanic and is a simple direct replacement, totally eliminating the plastic housing.  It is a one of a kind shifter, designed to give you the ultimate Porsche experience.  All linkage slop is eliminated and you can actually feel the precision in every shift.  Even more precise than the GT3 Cup shifter.  There is absolutely no other shifter like it on the market!

  • Multi adjustable short throw shifter, stk or 15% or 30% reduction
  • Anodized all billet aluminum construction
  • Adjustable cable mono blocks
  • Quick change adjustments on shifter throw
  • Ball bearing movement on all rotating axis
  • Built for racing and longevity. Direct replacement in your race or stock car
  • Fully compatible with the stock, Porsche Cup, or our Cup Style cables.

Optional Shift Cable Information

Add Numeric shift cables for piece of mind and a more rock solid shifter feel! Numeric Racing’s Performance Shifter Cables include a wider diameter cable, aluminum rod ends and stainless steel mounting connectors. This assembly greatly improves the overall strength, performance, and durability of the cables. This results in a significant enhancement throughout gear engagement and cable longevity. Most importantly, Numeric Racing Shifter Cables are designed to completely eliminate the excess movement found to be the known culprit of cable breaks

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