Rear GT3 Sway Bar by Tarett Engineering (Boxster/Cayman)


The 19.1mm OD swaybar has an equivalent stiffness to a solid 18.5mm bar, but with half the weight.  Designed to complement the 996 GT3 front bar on the 986, and the 997 GT3 front bar on the 987.
Also, specifically designed for the Boxster Spyder and Cayman R, we now have a 22.2mm OD bar that is equivalent to a 21.2mm solid bar, also at about half the weight of a solid bar.  It is designed and tested to compliment the 997 GT3 front swaybar.

Four attachment hole positions allow for quick and easy swaybar stiffness rate adjustment, to fine-tune your car’s handling for various track conditions and driving styles.

Fits all Boxsters and Caymans.  The 19.1mm bar is the aftermarket swaybar kit that has been exclusively certified for BSR & BSX Spec racing.
Now available!  New 981 adjustable 25.4mm rear swaybar.  Designed to compliment a 991 GT3 front bar on your 981.
All components are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, resulting in the finest and most reliable swaybar on the market.
Complete with bushings – Drop links are sold SEPARATELY
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