Rennline GoPro Tow Hook Camera Mount


Go-Pro / Camera Tow hook Mount – In today’s racing and track events, cameras are everywhere. They have become a very valuable learning tool for you to get the most out of your track experience. One of the most exciting views you can capture is at bumper level. It gives you the true sensation of speed, especially when you are dicing in and out of traffic. Many people use(or did use) suction cup mounts to achieve this perspective. The issue’s with these are simple, they destroy paint, they fall off, and are gradually becoming banned from events do to the “Flying Debris” factor. Rennline’s camera mount eliminates all of these issues. It mounts directly to your Rennline folding tow hook, giving you the ultimate vantage point you require without effecting the functionality of the hook. Machined from billet aluminum and equipped with standard Go-Pro style attachment point. For a sample video click here. Note: GoPro Camera, Camera Case, Tow Hook, and thumb screw not included. This unit is designed to work with the newer style folding tow hook which uses one pivot bolt rather than two, to fasten the tow loop to the screw. Some grinding may be required if using the old style folding tow hook.

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