Wevo Semi Solid Transmission Mounts (986/987)


Using our proven architecture in Semi Solid (SS) mounts, we have developed the Boxster SS Transimission mount as a simple and easy bolt-in replacement for the hydroelastic O.E. parts, some now 17 years old! The O.E. Boxster and Cayman transmission mounts are approaching $300 as a replacement part. The WEVO SS Boxster Transmission mounts are just over half that price and reuse the existing triangular mounting cranes on the side of your transmission.

The WEVO SS Racing Boxster Engine Mount is suited for the following application(s):

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Transmission Mounts

Technical Note: The M12 bolt through the Engine or Transmission mount should be tightened to 40 ft/lbs or 55 Nm. The M12 Schnorr (serrated) washer should be installed directly under the head of the M12 bolt. The M8 hardware should be tightened to 18 ft/lbs or 25 Nm using the original arrangement of washer and nut.

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